Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My day to day routine

Just woke up at around 5, prepared breakfast like coffee and milk, making soup, waking up my daughter, feed her,  take a bath, bath her and dress her a uniform, prepare her lunch and snacks, take vitamins, put her socks on, brush her hair, brush my own hair which is the most difficult to do when you are super busy and you have a very long hair and doesn't put a conditioner on because you're in a hurry, ugh! take a ride in the Jeep to school, walk to school with heavy bag full of books and 7 notebooks plus my black little bag ( I can't leave the house without it) take her to fall in the line for some ceremony while waiting them to go to their room, after she have a seat and see that she's now comfortable and the class is going to start I can go home. But the journey is not yet over. I have to deal with very annoying sunlight because it is so hot that you think you're in the dessert.I have to cross in the streets to take a ride home while dealing with some unruly drivers honking even if you're in the pedestrian lane. After I took a jeep I have to walk towards the house. Clean the house mess and take a bath, relax and, as you can see, to type some blog here on blogger dot com. That's my morning routine. Then before 12 in the noon I have to cook for lunch, eat lunch, take a shower, put clothes on, bring umbrella just in case it might rain or its hot outside. (By the way I like raining than sunny day because I cannot stand on walking under the sunny hot day) When I got to school I have to peek on her just to make sure she is writing on her notes ( she is very lazy when it comes to writing on her notes, I don't know the reason maybe she's just tired or cannot understand the letters on the board because she sometimes cannot see it clearly because somebody is on her way, or being a left-handed can make her difficult to write), wave hello to her just to let her know Im back, wait till they going out the room, check her notes, buy her ice cream if she got stars or she wrote her notes completely, scold her if not ( Sorry Im just mean sometimes), walk her home, take jeep, walk, then greet somebody in the house, help her change clothes, help her do assignments and study, let her play or watch t.v, nap for several minutes, take a shower, prepare for dinner, feed her during dinner time, eat dinner, clean the mess in the kitchen, take her to sleep, clean the bedroom for some mess, take a shower, brush hair and do some women's routine before to sleep, eat some midnight snacks with my husband, if we get bored we do joyride on his motor and go to the City to have some friend chicken skins with flour then you put it on the hot sauce or vinegar with lots of chilies. Then go home, take a shower ( I really hate to sleep when I feel messy, and also it is very hot here in the Philippines) and finally go to sleep to face tomorrow's day.

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