Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obeying the rules is a must

Few weeks ago, I was taking Queencie to school. We were trying to cross in the pedestrian lane, which is actually a legal way on crossing because you dont want to be caught by police because of jaywalking. Then while crossing this stupid car was honking on us. Hello man? are you blind? We were already on the PEDESTRIAN LANE you stupid ass. I wanna shout and get mad to that but I didn't do it of course, I can control my self temper. But I was just mad...really really mad that time. Its like they don't know the traffic rules are they? If so why are they doing that? Because there's no police in sight? Or are they just too forgetful? Or just plain stupid? How the hell they passed in the driving lesson? How they could have such driving licence? Many cars do that, not only once but several times I had experience the same incident. That's just stupidity. What the hell. Also how about the police? what are they doing? Are they just sipping drinks and munching potato chips while there's something more important to do than watching basketball games on television? or are they just pretending to be blind on reality? They just get lazy so they do nothing and when they feel on doing their job they would just caught someone even though he didn't violate the rules because the policeman wants some money to buy more beer? Im not talking about ALL policemen here. Im talking about SOME.
 I think we need more discipline within ourselves. We have to help each other not only people that around us but our own too. We need to have courage on doing that. I think some people have self-discipline but arent doing that anymore because they could see all the people around them are not being discipline so what's the point?
 Im signing off for now..don't want to think about it too much.

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