Friday, July 1, 2011

Some of my artworks

These are the edited photos via Photoshop of my not so old pictures.

 was taken from Batangas, nothing to do..
that was me when I was like 20 something. Carlo was having long hair in his early 20s 
 this one is my favorite
 Queencie and me
 this looks kinda real
subway in Manhattan
 shot taken from Brooklyn bridge
 my very own album ( how I wish!)
stuffz stuffz stuffz

Thank God it's Saturday now. Its time for some relaxing and chiiling moments with my family. We had just chatted with my mom and dad few minutes ago. We miss them so much :( but it was fun talking with them. Anyway I gotta go now it looks its gonna rain in any moment. I have to put the clothes that I washed this morning before it start to rain. Ciao

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