Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dad's Blow-out

Weekend is family day that's why we spent dinner on the city to the Village Den - the restaurant that we've been eating since I went up here in Cagayan de oro City. It's funny because the manager which is the owner of the resto is always greeting us whenever we go there to eat. She and the staffs knew already that we're always eating there on weekends. The place is good, but it's not actually the formal-type cuisine, the food is awesome and very delicious. Here are some of our pictures, kind of blurry...

I dont have the picture of the whole restaurant and the food that we ordered because the battery of my camera died but next time we go there i will take a shot and update this blog.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Highschool Friends-Reunion

We were having lunch at Mc Donalds

 Teresa and mom Melissa with her baby girl

 Me and Melissa

 Friends from highschool until now. I miss them already

 At Jenny's house. Jenny was my classmate since 6th  grade. She was my very best friend
 15 years friendship and counting.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Most Expensive Chocolate

Fritz Knipschildt is the architect behind the most expensive chocolate in the world and is sometimes called the Willy Wonka of Connecticut. He founded Knipschildt Chocolatier in South Norwalk, Connecticut in 1999 and brought his Danish culinary training with him. All of his chocolates are handmade artisan products using only the freshest natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. He sells a chocolate called the Madeleine that must be ordered in advance. The Madeleine contains a creamy truffle ganache made from French Valrhona chocolate blended with fresh cream infused with vanilla pods and pure Italian truffle oil.
This extravagant yet simple ganache then has a French Perigold truffle rolled inside of it and the whole thing is dusted with cocoa powder. The ingredients alone don’t explain why this truffle chocolate is the world’s most expensive chocolate ever sold. Mr. Knipschildt’s explanation for the price tag is the tremendous amount of work that goes into producing these chocolates. The ganache is whipped and folded by hand for a long time to make it as silky as humanly possible, and he even has to perform the hand rolling of the Perigold truffle inside of the ganache within a refrigerated room so that the ganache hardens ever so slightly enough to be workable. Each one of these luscious truffle chocolates has a price tag of $250, making the confection cost approximately $2,600 per pound in quantity.
The Madeleine must be ordered in advance, and each chocolate comes with a personally signed card explaining how it was made and a unique serial number. Mr. Knipshildt has certainly created the world’s most expensive chocolate confection, and it’s probably worth every penny.

[Author's Note: View website source]

Face exercises for symmetry and beauty

Beauty, or attractiveness certainly is "in the eye of the beholder", as each person's perception of what is beautiful is very unique. Sarah Maria, a body-image expert, reminds us of societal influences too, describing beauty as "a socially constructed phenomenon that changes constantly." She says, "As society has evolved and changed, so has the concept of the "ideal" body. What is considered beautiful is both created and informed by changing thoughts and opinions." Personally, I see beauty in people's eyes, in their voices, in their smiles, and of course in a person's words, behaviour and overall personality. I think all this can make a person "beautiful", or "ugly" for that matter. Physical beauty, I believe, is something we can all have, by simply making the very most of the body we have been blessed with, appreciating our individuality, "loving ourselves", deciding, no matter what, that "we are beautiful", respecting the physical body, and taking good care of what is essentially, the home of the soul, spirit or "self". There's a saying which goes something along the lines of, "a healthy body is a home for the soul. An unhealthy body is a prison"! Profound, and yet so true. Let's get back to the idea of "facial beauty"?
If we look at the classic definitions of beauty, most indicate that beauty is all about symmetry of facial features, or visual balance.
I came across these facial exercises while reading a book by "Barefoot Doctor", Stephen Russell. I blogged recently about 3 books I'd just read, and his book "Pure" is one of these (see my post "For your own personal growth"). The book essentially helps us see, understand and live the "beauty" of life, or the "Tao" as he explains. His book "Pure" is, in his words, "A path to peace, power and prosperity". Now, far from focusing on physical beauty, his words on "Pure beauty" include these exercises to help optimise the symmetry and tone of your facial features. They stretch and elongate the face (and boy do you feel that when you do them!!), and help to "frame the beauty that shines in your eyes".
1) Draw your upper lip downwards and looking up simultaneously (as stretched and long as your face will go), allowing that to break in to a smile once it reaches full extension. Repeat 18 times. (I am not sure why 18?!). This feels wonderful and really works to stretch your face! I couldn't understand why (the next day) my jaw line really ached! Then I remembered what I had been doing behind closed doors!
2) Stick your tongue out and look upwards with eyes wide open and release to normal 18 times.
3) With mouth closed, revolve your chin like a camel chewing in a circular motion 18 times one way, 18 times the other.
4) Revolve the tip of your tongue around the inside of your gums 18 times one way, 18 times the other. This will work the muscles at the root of your tongue.
5) Place a palm on each cheek and rub gently in circles upwards to the temples, then draw the palms lightly down either side of your nose and over your chin, and push back up the sides of the cheeks and temples, down over the cheeks again and so on 18 times.
As the author says, "You will feel a magnificent sensation of increased blood and energy circulation throughout your face as a result. Stop, rest and allow your face to relax completely - let all trace of expression slide right off it and feel your entire skull relax."
These exercises should be repeated EVERYDAY and within 30 days your skin and facial muscles will feel more toned, more robust and and you'll notice your features becoming more symmetrical looking. TRY IT!
These words are taken from "Pure" by "Barefoot Doctor". His website is where you can buy his book, and listen to his daily "One-minute clinics"! Thank you Barefoot Doctor for a great book, and wonderful teachings.

[Author's Note: You can visit the original site here which is the source of the above article]

Botoy's Letchon Fan

Hello there guys Im just going to blog you a little about one of my favorite chicken bbq - Botoy's Letchon here in Cagayan de oro City. If you want to taste a delicious chicken or liempo bbq just visit the store, its worth the prize. It is not only juicy but it is cooked well inside and out. And the sauce, oh my it is really fantastic. My husband and me went to the City this evening just to buy chicken bbq for dinner. I t can't get out of my head since I had it a first bite. It was so yummy and very tasty. Try it and for sure you'll going back next time again.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Its was weird

It was really weird, really. And I hate it so much that I don't want to happen that again. I was so scared. It was almost I didn't want to go back to sleep after that incident. I dont know what's the reason why it happened that night. Am I totally insane? Do I have a psychological problem? I don't think so. Had you experience that while you were sleeping, suddenly you knew that you are awake but you cannot move your body because it was still asleep? but you're conscious of what's happening? And then something weird is gonna happen. You suddenly hear someone is crying beside you, some child maybe but you didn't know whom it was. And then you'll hear a man, saying some words that you don't understand because he was chanting it on different language like he's from the cult and you knew that he was sitting in front of you because you  can hear it's voice and it was very close and it was a scary voice. And that was exactly what happened last night. I was groaning because I cannot move my body. I want to move because I was so afraid on the chanting voice of a man( By the way it's not my husband because he was peacefully sleeping beside me) Luckily my husband was waking me up if he hears me groaning. But it happened like 5 times in a row. He woke me up, I try to sleep then it will happen again, woke me up again, then the story goes on. Five or six times, I don't remember. It was not my first time last night, it happened few months ago. Last time it was not the man chanting that I heard, instead it was a man also but he was speaking with another entity like he was saying to that he will kill this person, they have to kill that person then he spake another words that I don't know or I don't remember. I dont know what's for sure the reason why is that happening to me. I pray before I sleep. Well hopefully it wont happen again. that night I wake up like 2am and cannot fall back to sleep. I was afraid. :(

Friday, July 1, 2011

Some of my artworks

These are the edited photos via Photoshop of my not so old pictures.

 was taken from Batangas, nothing to do..
that was me when I was like 20 something. Carlo was having long hair in his early 20s 
 this one is my favorite
 Queencie and me
 this looks kinda real
subway in Manhattan
 shot taken from Brooklyn bridge
 my very own album ( how I wish!)
stuffz stuffz stuffz

Thank God it's Saturday now. Its time for some relaxing and chiiling moments with my family. We had just chatted with my mom and dad few minutes ago. We miss them so much :( but it was fun talking with them. Anyway I gotta go now it looks its gonna rain in any moment. I have to put the clothes that I washed this morning before it start to rain. Ciao