Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My day to day routine

Just woke up at around 5, prepared breakfast like coffee and milk, making soup, waking up my daughter, feed her,  take a bath, bath her and dress her a uniform, prepare her lunch and snacks, take vitamins, put her socks on, brush her hair, brush my own hair which is the most difficult to do when you are super busy and you have a very long hair and doesn't put a conditioner on because you're in a hurry, ugh! take a ride in the Jeep to school, walk to school with heavy bag full of books and 7 notebooks plus my black little bag ( I can't leave the house without it) take her to fall in the line for some ceremony while waiting them to go to their room, after she have a seat and see that she's now comfortable and the class is going to start I can go home. But the journey is not yet over. I have to deal with very annoying sunlight because it is so hot that you think you're in the dessert.I have to cross in the streets to take a ride home while dealing with some unruly drivers honking even if you're in the pedestrian lane. After I took a jeep I have to walk towards the house. Clean the house mess and take a bath, relax and, as you can see, to type some blog here on blogger dot com. That's my morning routine. Then before 12 in the noon I have to cook for lunch, eat lunch, take a shower, put clothes on, bring umbrella just in case it might rain or its hot outside. (By the way I like raining than sunny day because I cannot stand on walking under the sunny hot day) When I got to school I have to peek on her just to make sure she is writing on her notes ( she is very lazy when it comes to writing on her notes, I don't know the reason maybe she's just tired or cannot understand the letters on the board because she sometimes cannot see it clearly because somebody is on her way, or being a left-handed can make her difficult to write), wave hello to her just to let her know Im back, wait till they going out the room, check her notes, buy her ice cream if she got stars or she wrote her notes completely, scold her if not ( Sorry Im just mean sometimes), walk her home, take jeep, walk, then greet somebody in the house, help her change clothes, help her do assignments and study, let her play or watch t.v, nap for several minutes, take a shower, prepare for dinner, feed her during dinner time, eat dinner, clean the mess in the kitchen, take her to sleep, clean the bedroom for some mess, take a shower, brush hair and do some women's routine before to sleep, eat some midnight snacks with my husband, if we get bored we do joyride on his motor and go to the City to have some friend chicken skins with flour then you put it on the hot sauce or vinegar with lots of chilies. Then go home, take a shower ( I really hate to sleep when I feel messy, and also it is very hot here in the Philippines) and finally go to sleep to face tomorrow's day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some of my friends

At Wilson's house having some drinks

3rd Avenue

picnic with friends

Obeying the rules is a must

Few weeks ago, I was taking Queencie to school. We were trying to cross in the pedestrian lane, which is actually a legal way on crossing because you dont want to be caught by police because of jaywalking. Then while crossing this stupid car was honking on us. Hello man? are you blind? We were already on the PEDESTRIAN LANE you stupid ass. I wanna shout and get mad to that but I didn't do it of course, I can control my self temper. But I was just mad...really really mad that time. Its like they don't know the traffic rules are they? If so why are they doing that? Because there's no police in sight? Or are they just too forgetful? Or just plain stupid? How the hell they passed in the driving lesson? How they could have such driving licence? Many cars do that, not only once but several times I had experience the same incident. That's just stupidity. What the hell. Also how about the police? what are they doing? Are they just sipping drinks and munching potato chips while there's something more important to do than watching basketball games on television? or are they just pretending to be blind on reality? They just get lazy so they do nothing and when they feel on doing their job they would just caught someone even though he didn't violate the rules because the policeman wants some money to buy more beer? Im not talking about ALL policemen here. Im talking about SOME.
 I think we need more discipline within ourselves. We have to help each other not only people that around us but our own too. We need to have courage on doing that. I think some people have self-discipline but arent doing that anymore because they could see all the people around them are not being discipline so what's the point?
 Im signing off for now..don't want to think about it too much.

Monday, June 27, 2011

101 Lists to get you

1.       It was late September
2.       The woman received a quote from the Bible
3.       She didn’t know who was the sender
4.       It was only the number that was not listed on her phone contacts
5.       She got curious
6.       She started to dial the mysterious number and only heard the voicemail message which owned by a man
7.       It said” Sorry I cannot answer your call please leave a message after the tone”
8.       She didn’t left a voicemail
9.       She started to text the man
10.   “Who are you? Did we met already? “
11.   No response


12.   During a month ago
13.   The woman was working on the bistro
14.   She was a waitress
15.   The salary was poor
16.   She had coworkers
17.   One of them was her friend
18.   A guy
19.   She talked a lot with that guy
20.   They exchanged contact numbers
21.   They were exchanging phone calls and text messages
22.   They became good friends
23.   The guy has a brother
24.   An older brother
25.   She didn’t met his brother yet
26.   Who was working on the diner as a cook
27.   The diner is in Manhattan
28.   While the bistro is in Queens


29.   Back late September
30.   When the woman received a mysterious message
31.   The woman was now working as a sitter in Franklin Avenue
32.   The salary was much better and higher
33.   She asked her guy friend about the mysterious message
34.   She asked if he knew the existing number
35.   The mysterious man’s number who sent her quote from the Bible
36.   The guy knew whose number that was
37.   “Its my brother’s number..”
38.   The woman was wondering how did he knew her number?
39.   Her precious number that she only giving it to whom she only knew
40.   How could it be?
41.   She wondered, “Maybe he stole it from my guy friend..”,
42.   But why stole it?
43.   She began to text the mysterious man again
44.   She asked him how did he got her number
45.   He told her, “I don’t know”


46.   The woman and the man became acquaintances
47.   They were exchanging text messages for almost a month
48.   They were both busy from work that was keeping them from seeing personally
49.   The man wanted to meet the woman personally so he offered her dinner on a said bistro
50.   The bistro that once the woman had worked on
51.   She didn’t trust the man yet
52.   She told him he should take his younger brother with him so she can be with a friend while with some stranger
53.   The man just told her his brother didn’t want to come with them
54.   Only the two of them is going out


55.   It was late October when they first met personally
56.   It was in 69th Street Roosevelt Avenue Queens New York
57.   The woman didn’t like the man and was afraid
58.   They walked toward the bistro while talking about the things that they had talked about through text messages days ago
59.   The woman felt comfortable now with the man
60.   They started to order food
61.   A very delicious food
62.   They ate and talked together
63.   They had a good time
64.   They rode on subway towards the woman’s apartment
65.   Its was late night
66.   He brought her up to the doorstep and said goodbye
67.   He texted the woman after he got home
68.   He waited
69.   And waited
70.   The woman didn’t text back


71.   A week later
72.   The woman returned a message hello
73.   The man was surprised that she texted him again
74.   He felt happy
75.   The woman misses their talks so she texted him again
76.   They started talking through texts again
77.   Until the woman invited the man to the FREE movie in Manhattan
78.   The movie’s title was Boy A
79.   It was about the story of the little boy
80.   The boys was raised in the prison all of his younger years until he became a teenager
81.   Which made him innocent from real world
82.   The real life
83.   Which made the movie unique
84.   They were the first ones to watch the movie and rate it
85.   Rate it if it should be right to show it publicly
86.   Because of the scenes that were not suitable for very young age
87.   Let say it has kissing scenes and erotic actions
88.   Stuff like that
89.   Anyway they enjoyed the movie
90.   It was a great movie at Union Square
91.   Its was late night they rode the subway
92.   They became very good friends


93.   Several weeks passed
94.   They went for park strolling and eating trips
95.    They became very close that the man was texting her “I love you” message
96.   But the woman is not responding back yet answer
97.   Because she wanted to hear the words from his voice through her ears
98.   And that happened on 22nd of November 2007 late fall in New York’s biggest park
99.   He whispered to her “I LOVE YOU”, she answered back 3 days after
100.                        They became lovers
101.                        They got married February 10, 2010

This song reminds me of how we first met :)

A girl saved by an angel from sleep paralysis

 [Note: This article was posted one year ago via Facebook Note]

It was sunday afternoon around 4 o'clock when she decided to sleep to have some rest. She worked that morning and went in Manhattan a few hours before she got home. It was really nice being on bed, relaxing your whole body from head to toe. It was cool outside from the rain that time. The airconditioner was open. She had her covers around her body. She was all alone in the room waiting for her unconsciousness..until she fell asleep. The next thing she knew that she can't move her body, although she knew that she was awake that moment though she could feel her whole body being paralyzed again. She told herself that atlast, this is her chance to do some OBE since it was few weeks ago that she last experienced the thing. So she decided to begin her experiment but something annoyed her. Whenever she plan to escape from the her body, the hips were getting hurt.She don't know what was the cause of that. It was very hard to go on so she decided to stop it but she can't. It was like your bones gonna get broken up if you force it anyway. Until she could barely breath and felt she was suffocating! ugh! It was really damn scary at all. She could shout but she can't speak the words properly that it almost like she was underwater to speak though. She cried for help if someone could hear her speaking but she was alone in the room. Then in an instant she felt that somebody was in the room with her that she tried to shout louder for him/her to hear because she could FEEL that someone was reallly in there but she cannot see him/her. She tried to say " Hey help me! wake me up! hey!!, hey!", The Being was just standing there in front of her but in that moment she did'nt think who the hell is that? All she cared was to help her wake up. But she could sense that she knew that being in other way, she just knew who it is but can't tell the name, anyways the Being came beside her. The Being touched the back of her neck and boom! everything became normal. The Being had woken her up. Well, who is it? The girl was just lucky to have that being watched her and tried to help her from that scary thing being close to dead. The girl was me.

The Effect of Hormones During the Menstrual Cycle

Do you sometimes feel like you are on a rollercoaster ride from week to week? If you are really in tune with your body you will notice subtle (and some not-so-subtle) changes that occur with your body and your emotions -->

in a cyclic manner. You probably realize that these changes have a lot to do with hormones and your menstrual cycle. From week to week hormones in your body are climbing or diminishing. It's enough to make even the most in-control woman feel a little "off" at times.
You know the deal. Your menstrual cycle is approximately twenty-eight days long. You ovulate somewhere in the middle, maybe day fourteen if you're "average". Your period (which begins on Day One of your menstrual) is between 3-5 days long. Again, that's the average. Of course, we all know that we fall somewhere outside of the average of some or all of those things. What is constant, however, is what goes on with hormones and your menstrual cycle.

When it comes to hormones and your menstrual cycle, you need to have an understanding of how the two main hormones at work affect the female body. Estrogen is a feel good hormone. It gives you energy and with the help of testosterone, an increase in sex drive. When your estrogen levels are up, you probably feel more feminine and maybe sexier than normal.

Progesterone has a tranquilizing effect on the body. It slows your systems down a bit. When progesterone levels are high, you are more likely to feel depressed (depending on your sensitivity to the hormones during your menstrual cycle) and will probably have less energy.
On day one of your menstrual cycle the hormones estrogen and progesterone are as low as they will be at any other point in your cycle. Prostaglandins are at their highest level at this time. When a woman is pregnant, prostaglandins are released at the time that labor begins to create uterine contractions. You probably do not feel stellar on day one of your menstrual cycle. 

Due to the prostaglandins, your stomach is likely emptying itself and you may have diarrhea. You probably have cramps that began like a warning siren to let you know that good old Aunt Flo will be arriving within hours. -->

You may feel achy if you problems with your joints or you may be having issues with your skin or asthma flare ups may worsen at this time. Hang in there because after the first few days of your period, you will start to feel better.

After your period begins, your estrogen levels begin to climb. Your progesterone levels stay low for a bit. If you are prone to anxiety, you may feel the effects of estrogen in that way now. Overall, though, you probably feel great. As your period ends and you move closer to ovulation, you likely feel more attractive and thanks to a rise in testosterone, you feel more aggressive and have an increase in your sex drive. Work outs go well, your emotions seem more stable and your body is primed for baby-making. You feel warm and fuzzy toward your partner. If you are trying to diet, quit smoking or make some other change now is the time to begin. You can handle it well.

Then you ovulate. Bye-bye sweet estrogen. (Who, by the way, is a devil in disguise because too much exposure to estrogen over your life time can put you at risk for breast and reproductive organ cancers.) Estrogen falls off sharply after your body releases that egg.

Progesterone starts to climb and offers a calming affect. It is likely that if you suffer from anxiety, you feel better now. If you are prone to depression, however, watch out! Between days twenty and twenty-four of your cycle, progesterone will hit an all time high. Your appetite will increase and with your body systems slowing down, you will likely experience constipation and water retention. Yes, ladies, this is PMS.
A small rise in estrogen may be just enough to make you feel weepier but not enough to feel the good effects of estrogen. Hang in there, get plenty of exercise and feed that monster appetite with small but more frequent meals to keep your blood sugar even. Calcium and magnesium supplements can help during this time along with Evening Primrose Oil and St. John's Wort.

A day or two before your period beings, both hormones fall and your body prepares to begin the menstrual cycle all over again.

"Fiesta sa Barra"

Today is June 27,2011 my first fiesta celebration in Barra Cagayan de Oro City in Mindanao. I don't know what is the Barrio's history but my husband told me about the myth of Cagayan de Oro City where it's name first began. I will write here the story he told me earlier before I came here in the City.: "There was a man who owns a church beside the river. He had a pet which was very unusually big and unknown fish breed. It was very long, had golden color, and its body was located beneath the City including the church building. It was very large they say. The man was always feeding this creature everyday so it got bigger and bigger. Days passed everybody knew about it so they called the creature "ORO", a spanish word. I also made a research about this word-


a combining form meaning “mountain,” used in the formation of compound words: orography.
< Greek,  combining form of óros


a combining form meaning “mouth,” used in the formation of compound words: oropharynx.
combining form representing Latin ōs,  stem ōr-
Anyway they called the City "The City of Golden Friendship" which means by myth, the golden color of the creature, and also means most people here in the City are very friendly.
 If you want to know more about Cagayan de Oro City and it's complete history you can click here

Halloween 2010

This is my favorite picture so far on my Halloween experience in New York City...

My Cofee Pancake

"Coffee pancake recipe prepared by Maria"- Recipe is coming soon.