Monday, June 27, 2011

A girl saved by an angel from sleep paralysis

 [Note: This article was posted one year ago via Facebook Note]

It was sunday afternoon around 4 o'clock when she decided to sleep to have some rest. She worked that morning and went in Manhattan a few hours before she got home. It was really nice being on bed, relaxing your whole body from head to toe. It was cool outside from the rain that time. The airconditioner was open. She had her covers around her body. She was all alone in the room waiting for her unconsciousness..until she fell asleep. The next thing she knew that she can't move her body, although she knew that she was awake that moment though she could feel her whole body being paralyzed again. She told herself that atlast, this is her chance to do some OBE since it was few weeks ago that she last experienced the thing. So she decided to begin her experiment but something annoyed her. Whenever she plan to escape from the her body, the hips were getting hurt.She don't know what was the cause of that. It was very hard to go on so she decided to stop it but she can't. It was like your bones gonna get broken up if you force it anyway. Until she could barely breath and felt she was suffocating! ugh! It was really damn scary at all. She could shout but she can't speak the words properly that it almost like she was underwater to speak though. She cried for help if someone could hear her speaking but she was alone in the room. Then in an instant she felt that somebody was in the room with her that she tried to shout louder for him/her to hear because she could FEEL that someone was reallly in there but she cannot see him/her. She tried to say " Hey help me! wake me up! hey!!, hey!", The Being was just standing there in front of her but in that moment she did'nt think who the hell is that? All she cared was to help her wake up. But she could sense that she knew that being in other way, she just knew who it is but can't tell the name, anyways the Being came beside her. The Being touched the back of her neck and boom! everything became normal. The Being had woken her up. Well, who is it? The girl was just lucky to have that being watched her and tried to help her from that scary thing being close to dead. The girl was me.

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