Saturday, July 2, 2011

Its was weird

It was really weird, really. And I hate it so much that I don't want to happen that again. I was so scared. It was almost I didn't want to go back to sleep after that incident. I dont know what's the reason why it happened that night. Am I totally insane? Do I have a psychological problem? I don't think so. Had you experience that while you were sleeping, suddenly you knew that you are awake but you cannot move your body because it was still asleep? but you're conscious of what's happening? And then something weird is gonna happen. You suddenly hear someone is crying beside you, some child maybe but you didn't know whom it was. And then you'll hear a man, saying some words that you don't understand because he was chanting it on different language like he's from the cult and you knew that he was sitting in front of you because you  can hear it's voice and it was very close and it was a scary voice. And that was exactly what happened last night. I was groaning because I cannot move my body. I want to move because I was so afraid on the chanting voice of a man( By the way it's not my husband because he was peacefully sleeping beside me) Luckily my husband was waking me up if he hears me groaning. But it happened like 5 times in a row. He woke me up, I try to sleep then it will happen again, woke me up again, then the story goes on. Five or six times, I don't remember. It was not my first time last night, it happened few months ago. Last time it was not the man chanting that I heard, instead it was a man also but he was speaking with another entity like he was saying to that he will kill this person, they have to kill that person then he spake another words that I don't know or I don't remember. I dont know what's for sure the reason why is that happening to me. I pray before I sleep. Well hopefully it wont happen again. that night I wake up like 2am and cannot fall back to sleep. I was afraid. :(

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