Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weird Dream?

OK so I had a weird dream last night, actually I think it was this morning so I have to jot it down right now before I forget it.. I was dreaming that I was having this called "testicle" lol, but I was a girl in my dream though, then my dad just cut it out and I was like, OMG I can't be pregnant again because I can't have my period anymore because the testicle is gone! jeez strange huh? That was so stupid of me that I worried so much for that loss, and I can't even figure it out yet what's the real meaning for that? Any ideas??  Well after that, suddenly I was dreaming again that I was flying and there are lots of holes that I can see, and someone mentioned "white hole" and after that suddenly I was seeing this "white thing" that I thought it was a white hole and it was very bright this little circle of hole and very white and suddenly I realized that I was "lucid dreaming" and felt my body just vibrating and realized that Im going to "astral project" again involuntary, and then I began to wake up and realized that I can't move my physical body because some "strange" hands are hugging me from my behind but I can't see who was that, and I knew that it wasn't my husband because he was facing away from me so I thought , ok some strange being again playing games on me. So all I did was to imagine "things" in order how to get away from that strange hands that bugging me. I imagined, small people in my left arm with hammers, metal sticks, and I imagined that they are trying to hit that invisible strange hands that keeps on hugging me so tightly, and I could almost hear the noise of the metals and hammers against those hands it was like they are hammering stones, until the hands are fully gone and then I woke up.

If you want additional information about "lucid dreaming" you can visit the link below:

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