Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year New Hair!

First of foremost It's been so long time since I did my last blog, it was crazy busy last few months though I didnt have time to post new updates but Im not going to promise (atleast I would try hard) to post new updates this year! Anyway as you can see the picture above my new hair, which is short now, I just had a haircut by "Salon De France" in Kitkai mall here in Cagayan de oro. The hairstylist is good, he was very professional actually when doing some cutting my hair, he got different styles and techniques which you can only see on professionals. The haircut was Php140, but that was ok because I know they are good and they have the quality that you can get. I also had Hair spa which he recommended to me so I got php600 additional on the fee. he blow dried my hair and viola, my hair feels and looks good. I was happy but the story doesn't end with it! The following day I washed my hair and had bad hair I day! ugh! it was soo ugly, because I have natural hair which is curly and dry, so you can imagine what it really looked like on short hair like mine. That picture above was before I washed my hair. So the plan was to have my hair to be on rebonding process which is very expensive, It is like php3,000 on expensive salon. Good thing was my husband's cousin gave me an idea where to rebond my hair that you can only spend little amount of money which is 1/3 of the price of the said amount. So the next day I went there at the salon, seated for 5 hours and viola, my hair looks better, thank God, I have money from my mom that she gave me for her Christmas present, so thank you so much mom, you really save my life! mwah!!


But you know sometimes I miss my long hair :( my husband told my I don't look good on long hair and he always teases my that Im a witch, etc..lol but I know he's not serious though, he;s just intimidated! bwahaha.. here's some of my remaining pictures, the old times with my longish hair..


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