Sunday, August 7, 2011

Buy one take one

This morning I went outside to buy some snacks in this store. I bought the usual food snacks like -- milk bars, Piatos and the buy-one take-one chocolate bars which is you can choose for either SAFARI bar with PIK-ONE bar or DEMOLINO choco biscuit and you can only buy it for 6 pesos. wow! too cheap for two incredible chocolate bars. But here's the thing, I started to wonder  why the store bothered to make the other chocolate bar for free? And I think those chocolates are not so super expensive nor not so very cheap when you buy it on their manufacturer. I had an idea maybe the chocolates are expired? So I looked upon the label for the expiry date and here it was, the other PIK-ONE chocolatey was 2 months old expired, really. So th at is the reason why they make it buy-one take one so the customer will feel happy, like me, that they could eat two incredible chocolate bars for a cheap prize. What a heck. I just found it out today. I was stupid for not realizing it earlier before. So that was also the reason why the PIK-ONE chocolate has a horrible taste, because it was expired! damn. And you can't choose what bar you would like to be free because they put scotch tape on those bars so you dont have a choice but to pick the one that is expired, haha very smart though. I think that is their way to empty their inventory but hell?? Arent they serious about their customer's health? Is there any violation against the law for that? I dont know either. Im not a LAW fan but Im just curious about the rights of the customers you know. TSk!

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